Treeby / Treby ONS

One Name Study of TREEBY and Variants
Guild of One Name Studies

Hi my name is Tim Treeby.

I started researching my own Family Tree in 1986 but could only do research as and when time and money allowed as back then involved trips to Record Offices around the country.

Most branches were fairly easy, but when it came to the Treeby line found that had at least 3 possible people for my 4xGreatGrandFather in Modbury, so started reconstructing all the Tre(e)by families found in Modbury, then realised then the name was found in adjacent parishes, but only in a very small area of Devon, based around Holbeton, Modbury, Yealmpton.

So decided to expand to include all Tre(e)bys as is quite possible that all are related. As the Internet grew and more Records and Information were put on has become easier to do the Research.

I therefore registered with the Guild in 2015 and in 2017 set up a DNA Project for the Tre(e)by Name.

Treeby Devon Area

The map on the left shows the rough area where most Treeby/Treby are found pre 1800. in England.